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[1][2][3] As such, the list contains only information from the Skywalker Saga films, the 2008 animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and works published after April 2014. She is one of the main allies of the Mandalorian. Als engagierte Staatschefin der Allianz machte sich Mon Mothma die militärische Unterstützung der lokalen Regierungen zum Ziel, um sich effektiv gegen das ohnehin militärlastige Imperium behaupten zu können. Die Beteiligten waren sich darüber einig, dass ein Angriff gegen die neue Kampfstation erfolgen musste, noch bevor diese voll einsatzfähig war. ", From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga, Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy,, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2019, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from January 2021, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Years after the Clone Wars, despite losing his crew to the Galactic Empire, Hondo continues his criminal activities while having dealings with the crew of the. His appearance is loosely based on that of actor and director. Terrelian Jango Jumpers are a humanoid, sentient species from Terrelia. A mentally unstable clone trooper within the 501st Legion who participates in the search for General Grievous on Saleucami, and later in the Umbara Campaign, during which he sacrifices his life to destroy a droid supply trip. They have three-fingered hands, two-toed feet, and large, silver-coloured eyes. The Aleena are a short, humanoid, sentient species native to Aleen. Platt Okeefe konnte dennoch gerettet werden, als die Black Curs die Mission selbst in die Hand nahm.[5]. Tholothians are a near-human species from Tholoth, distinguished by their scaled craniums and head tendrils. However, most of her scenes were cut from the final film. They are tall, slender and very acrobatic, while having blue, gray, and white skin. Pa'lowicks are a sentient species from Lowick. Während das zersplitterte und nunmehr führerlose Imperium immer mehr Stellungen verlor, sorgten wichtige Würdenträger wie Leia Organa für eine Ausweitung des Einflussbereichs durch Diplomatie. In, Klatooinian employed as one of Jabba the Hutt's skiff guards in, Koorivar Separatist General and an agent of the Corporate Alliance who fought in the Clone Wars. Gossams are a humanoid, sentient species native to Castell. The Empire was eventually defeated by the Rebel Alliance and collapsed, but some remnants continued to exist for 30 years and reunited to form the First Order. The First Galactic Empire is an autocracy formed by Emperor Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars, replacing the old Galactic Republic. Als Tochter der Gouverneurin der Kernwelt Chandrila wurde Mon Mothma in eine einflussreiche Familie hineingeboren, von der sie viel Liebe und Zuneigung erfuhr. Snivvians have great tracking skills, and are good scouts and trackers. She appears in scenes deleted from, Pau'an former Jedi Temple Guard and leader of the Inquisitorious, the Empire's Jedi hunters. In, Former First Order stormtrooper originally designated as TZ-1719 who joins the Resistance and befriends Finn in, Doctor for the New Republic and later the Resistance, Harter can be seen tending to the wounds of Chewbacca after the Battle of Takodana in. They are distinguished by their leathery skin, imposing brows, and toothy underbites. He first appeared in the comic book series. Kyuzo constable of Niima Outpost on Jakku. Vulptereens are a species of stocky humanoids, recognizable by their shovel-like snouts which sport six tusks and a single long feeler. In the Star Wars mythology, the human homeworld, according to the New Essential Chronology, is generally believed to be Coruscant. They have wrinkled skin, squat bodies, and long, thin necks. The ensuing conflict between the two factions became known as the Clone Wars, which Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious and the mastermind behind the war, took advantage of to manipulate the Republic's Senators and citizens into supporting his plans for the government's reorganization into the Galactic Empire for the purpose of intergalactic "peace". Explore Marvel TV shows on the official website of Marvel Entertainment! He discovered Ahsoka Tano on her homeworld, Shili, and participated in many battles during the Clone Wars. Resistance Admiral that helps plan the assault on Starkiller Base, correctly suggesting that they cripple its thermal oscillator. A humanoid Inquisitor introduced in the novel, Humanoid Sith Lord and sculptor, who appears in the comic series, Humanoid red-skinned female Inquisitor who appears in the comic, Ancient female space pirate introduced in, Orange-skinned humanoid affiliated with the Sith, who served as an advisor and assassin for Darth Sidious. He is the team's brains, having genetic mutations that make him more intelligent and skilled with technology than other clones, but also leaner, fairer, and younger. He appears in the 2017 novel Phasma. Phindian CIS commander who serves as the warden of the prison known as "The Citadel" on the planet Lola Sayu. A genetically-engineered subspecies called Nu-Cosians also exists. They are distinguished by sideways eyes, located underneath their mouths, four nostrils, and lipless mouths. Die Operation, die in den Reihen der Rebellen die Bezeichnung Gelber Mond erhielt, sollte es möglich machen, die Flotte der Allianz nahe des Planeten Sullust zu versammeln, von wo aus eine direkte Hyperraumroute zum Waldmond Endor führte. She is killed as a result of Order 66. Her mother, Tanis Mothma was the governor of the planet, and her father was an arbiter-general for the Republic, so it came as no surprise when she would follow in their influential footsteps and become a Senator and later on lead a Rebellion against the Empire. Sullustans are a sophisticated species and experts at manufacturing, scientific and technological development, and economics. The Mandalorian later arranges for Mayfeld's release so that he could help find. Doch nahm sie diese Aufgabe an sich und stellte als erste Operation gegen das Imperium eine von ihr verfasste Deklaration der Rebellion auf, welche direkt den Imperator kritisierte. Bounty hunter and First Order spy who reports the arrival of Han Solo at Maz Kanata's castle in. [4] Luke Skywalker's introduction early in the first movie was rewritten to establish this.[5]. He gives Poe Dameron a fragment of the map needed to find Luke in. Clone trooper and member of Domino Squad, who takes his nickname from the fact that he is always getting shot by training droids. They are divided into Jedi and those affiliated with the light side of the Force; and Sith and those affiliated with the dark side (such as Dark Jedi, who are former Jedi who have fallen to the dark side, and Inquisitors, who are Jedi hunters trained by Darth Vader and serving the Empire). [1] Nachdem die Rebellion von der Existenz einer imperialen Kampfstation, dem Todesstern, erfuhr, schickte Mon Mothma die eigens rekrutierte Rebellin Jyn Erso auf eine Mission, um weitere Einzelheiten über diese ultimative Waffe des Imperiums herauszufinden. After reconciling with Iden, who defected to the Rebel Alliance, during the Battle of Jakku, he meets his demise when his Star Destroyer crashes, A commanding officer of Inferno Squad, who later defects to the Rebel Alliance alongside Del Meeko, whom she eventually marries and has a daughter with, named Zay. Mon Mothma Will Appear In Rogue One Spinoff Series About Cassian Andor . Pwoe  | Ardennians are a species of short, four-armed, monkey-like humanoids from the planet Ardennia. Tasked with finding and bringing Sidious's granddaughter, An organization of masked Force-wielding warriors led by. They are distinguished by their long horns, head tentacles with additional horns, forked tongue, and varying skin color. Später konnte daraus tatsächlich eine Strategie entwickelt werden, die in der Schlacht von Yavin zur erfolgreichen Vernichtung des Todessterns führte. They have three-fingered hands and feet, and are almost always wrapped completely in clothing. They are believed to be the embodiments of the Force itself: the light side, the dark side, and the balance between the two. Nicht zuletzt war es Mon Mothmas taktischem und strategischem Geschick zu verdanken, dass die Neue Republik siegreich aus diesem Einsatz hervorging und die Zentralwelt wieder unter republikanische Regierung fiel. He adopts Leia after her birth mother, Padmé, dies and her birth father, Anakin Skywalker, turns to the dark side in, Ruler of Alderaan, wife of Bail Organa, and mother of Leia Organa. She possesses great magical powers, ranging from mind control, manipulating matter, and turning into mist. Star Wars humans live on many different worlds throughout the galaxy, with many populations living together with several other species—something which is most common[citation needed] either on the cosmopolitan worlds at the core, such as on Coruscant, or on the frontier at the Outer Rim of the galaxy, such as on Tatooine. Prime Minister of Zygerria and captain of the Zygerrian royal guard during the Clone Wars. Formed by Count Dooku under the orders of his master, Darth Sidious, it is the main antagonistic faction of the prequel trilogy. Zwar gelang es der Republik Thrawn nach unzähligen gescheiterten Versuchen zu besiegen, doch fuhr die republikanische Streitmacht große Verluste ein und einem anschließenden Übergriff auf Coruscant stand man schier machtlos gegenüber. Eine Vielzahl dieser Planeten erklärten ihre sofortige Unterstützung der Rebellion und versicherten, die Rebellion im imperialen Senat zu vertreten. Mon Mothma hatte eine Tochter namens Lieda Mothma. Years later, Sabine returns to her homeworld of Krownest accompanied by, Captain of the Senate Commandos who is bribed by, Son of Separatist senator Mina Bonteri, and freedom fighter during the Clone Wars; love interest of, Coruscant police inspector during the Clone Wars, often displaying a pompous attitude. Humans are a sentient, sapient species in the fictional Star Wars universe. Tholothian Jedi Master and the cousin of Adi Gallia. Home » TV Shows » Mon Mothma Will Appear In Rogue One Spinoff Series About Cassian Andor. They are recognized by their narrow faces and two sets of eyelids. Most of them wear armor and helmets, the strongest ones made from beskar, a blaster-resistant steel that is originally from Mandalore. [10] Im weiteren Kriegsverlauf stieg das Misstrauen gegenüber dem Kanzler, als dieser Gouverneure dazu abbestellte, die Kontrolle der republikanischen Sternensysteme zu übernehmen, und den Einfluss des Senats dadurch weiter schwächte. Physically imposing Mandalorian warrior and member of the Tribe, who holds a grudge against the Empire due to their purge against the Mandalorian people. Während ihrer Amtszeit verfolgte Mon Mothma eine Politik der Reformen, um dafür zu sorgen, dass sich die Fehler der Vergangenheit nicht wiederholen konnten. They have long faces, widely spaced nostrils, and hair on various places of their body, including their faces, where it resembles a beard. He is killed by Ahsoka Tano during a mission to break out Jedi Master Even Piell. They are the most numerous and dominant species, with apparently millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide. Deformed Artiodac cook at the castle of Maz Kanata in, Bardottan podracer whose large racer is sabotaged and destroyed by Sebulba in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace in, Besalisk owner of Dex's Diner and old friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who provides Kenobi with information regarding the planet Kamino and a poison dart originating from there in, Besalisk Jedi who serves as a temporary commander of the 501st Legion during the Battle of, Leader of the Bith band Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, playing in the Mos Eisley cantina in, Blarina merchant who helps Poe Dameron get off Jakku in, Blarina scavenger who helps Poe Dameron get off Jakku in, Blarina tavern-dweller in Maz Kanata's castle in. He aids the Rebel Alliance in stealing the plans for the Death Star in, A mercenary and friend of Chirrut Îmwe who aids the Rebel Alliance in stealing the plans for the Death Star in, Imperial research scientist and the father of Jyn Erso in, Former criminal and Galen Erso's daughter, who joins the Rebel Alliance in. General of the First Order who presides over, Kaplan serves with the First Order on the, Former Imperial Admiral who rose to prominence as Allegiant General of the First Order during Kylo Ren's reign. Troigs are a two-headed and four-armed humanoid sentient species from Pollillus. He was trained by, Former Jedi Knight who trained Trilla Suduri, survivor of Order 66, and the co-pilot of the, Wise and skilled Jedi Master who trained Anakin and later Luke Skywalker. The Aqualish have a reputation of being nasty, crude, and aggressive. Ein Bodentrupp unter der Leitung von General Han Solo, der erst kurz zuvor aus der Gefangenschaft von Jabba dem Hutten befreit werden konnte, erhielt den Auftrag, den Schildgenerator auf dem Waldmond zu zerstören und die Kampfstation dadurch für einen nachfolgenden Angriff durch die Rebellenflotte angreifbar zu machen. They have grey, leathery skin with a row of horns on their head, sharp teeth, and clawed fingers, and are known for their exceptional combat abilities and keen sense of smell. Most Ongrees are considered to be even-minded individuals and are skilled diplomats and negotiators. Dank der heilenden Fähigkeiten der Jedi Cilghal, die das Gift zu großen Teilen aus Mon Mothmas Körper entfernte, konnte die tödliche Wirkung des Giftes verlangsamt werden. Die endgültige Proklamation der Neuen Republik wurde schließlich von den stellvertretenden Oberhäuptern Leia Organa, Ackbar, Borsk Fey’lya und Mon Mothma selbst unterzeichnet. The Kitonak are a species native to Kirdo III, distinguished by their white-pink and tough skin, large hands and feet, and tiny eyes, ears and mouths. Aufgrund ihrer hohen Position und der dazugehörigen Macht, die sich über zahlreiche Planetensysteme der Rebellen erstreckte, wurden immer lautere Stimmen vernommen, die Mon Mothma als arrogant und machtgierig beschrieben. Später wurde ihr diese Ehre jedoch von Leia Organa, die bei ihrer Ernennung zur Senatorin noch jünger war, aberkannt. With their unique ability, they can impersonate virtually any humanoid, although the shape-shifting requires great concentration, and they return to their true, reptilian form if knocked unconscious or killed. Last Updated: November 5, 2015. Biography. Crix Madine begann daraufhin bereits mit Plänen, den Sluis-Sektor zu erobern. Humans are native to many different worlds and are characterized by multidimensional complex personalities, that are both individual and unique. Naboo senator and later Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, as well as secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. While the lower part of their bodies is snake-like, they have arms and can grow facial hair. He seemingly dies in the episode "Cat and Mouse" of. He follows a code of honor and respects the Jedi, whom he ends up helping several times in the war, but is not above using sneaky tactics and treachery if it is for "good business". Dennoch erteilte sie ihre Zustimmung und schickte Leia zusammen mit ihren Mitstreitern zu dieser wichtigen Mission, die sich letztendlich als Erfolg herausstellte. Es konnte aber nicht verhindert werden, dass der Senat aufgrund zunehmender Unruhen auf Coruscant dem Kanzler weitere Notstandsvollmachten einräumte, um die Deregulierung der Banken und die Finanzierung weiterer Truppenverbände durchzusetzen. They have snouts, tough skin, and small eyes. The Yakura (also known as Yakorans) are a humanoid, sentient species, with yak-like faces. They have scaly skin, elongated skulls, and large mouths with tiny teeth. Wookiee bounty hunter first featured in the Marvel comic series, Wookiee chieftain who, along with Chewbacca, commands the Wookiee warriors during the Battle of, Yarkora seen in the background at Jabba's the Hutt's palace in the film, 900-year-old Jedi Grandmaster who trained several generations of Jedi and led the Jedi Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic. During the Imperial Era, he oversaw the massacre of the Mandalorian people and obtained the Darksaber. He is killed during the Battle of Atollon. Saw Garrera's sister who was part of his rebellion against the Separtists on Onderon during the Clone Wars. She is there with other Rebel Leaders. Clone Commander serving under Jedi Nadhar Vebb. Prior to Thrawn's rise within the ranks of the Galactic Empire, the Chiss had relatively very little contact with the rest of the galaxy, and some even considered their existence a myth. They are known for their honor and bravery. Dieser Senat, der seinen Sitz auf Chandrila hatte, wählte Mon Mothma zur ersten Kanzlerin der Neuen Republik. Hutts are a portly, grotesque, slug-like sentient species native to Nal Hutta. Pacifists by nature, they have often found themselves oppressed for this reason. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Governor of the planet Kiros and leader of a colony of 50,000 Togruta during the Clone Wars. He is eventually betrayed and killed by Captain Phasma, as part of an assassination plot with his son. They are known to care about status, power, and wealth, and most wear expensive jewelry for this reason, such as neck rings. Skakoans are a humanoid, sentient species native to Skakoa. In ihrer Rolle als Senatorin wurde sie, nachdem sie abgedankt war, von Canna Omonda ersetzt. Dazu reiste sie zu zahlreichen Welten mit der Bitte um Unterstützung, um letztendlich eine einflussreiche Rebellion formieren zu können. Clawdites are a species of sentient, shape-shifting, reptillian humanoids from the planet Zolan. Mit ihren Reformen zur Entmilitarisierung der republikanischen Streitmacht und des wechselnden Standorts des Galaktischen Senats bestimmte sie die Richtung der noch jungen Regierung maßgeblich mit. So half sie unter anderem bei der Befreiung von Clak’Dor VII mit, während Leia Organa zahlreiche diplomatische Missionen anführte und dabei eine Vielzahl von Planeten umwarb. The remaining systems of the Confederacy were subsequently reabsorbed into the newly formed Empire. Ihre große Weisheit und Entschlossenheit, die sich über viele Jahre ihrer Amtszeit bewährte, geriet selbst dann nicht aus den Bahnen, als sie den Obersten Kanzler Palpatine kritisch beobachtete und dessen Führungsstil vorsichtig hinterfragte. Bounty hunter hired to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. Cerean Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in the prequel trilogy. Die ersten Entschlüsse dieses Rates entsagten vorerst militärischen Unternehmungen. Human Force-sensitive characters. She was killed by a droid gunship during the final battle, which deeply affected her brother. Moisture farmer who purchases, then frees and marries, Shmi Skywalker, becoming the stepfather of Anakin Skywalker, whom he meets only briefly in, Leia Organa's adoptive father, the Senator of Alderaan and one of the Rebel Alliance's founding members. However, there is actually no real consensus on the issue; according to releases from the official site, the ancient human home world has simply been lost to history. During the Clone Wars, he meets Captain Rex, and the pair eventually come to trust one another after working together to defend Cut's family from Commando Droids, with Rex deciding not to report Cut. Weequay Jedi Master who fought in the Clone Wars. [7] Es wurde die Delegation der Zweitausend ins Leben gerufen, um Druck auf den Kanzler auszuüben. Anacondans are a large, snake-like sentient species. The Chagrian Vice chair of the Galactic Senate. They have green skin, wrinkled faces, and yellow eyes, and are known for their exceptional combat abilities and fast reflexes. "Yoda's species" is the name given to a species of diminutive, green-skinned, sentient creatures, of which the popular character Yoda is a member. Garm Bel stufte den von Mon Mothma entwickelten Angriffsplan als zu gewagt ein und prophezeite ihr nach der Schlacht eine Menge Todesopfer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Genevieve O'Reilly is set to reprise her role as Senator Mon Mothma for the Disney+ series. Umbaran Senator whose assassination prompts the Umbaran people to side with the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars. Dazu gehörte auch ihr Einsatz für eine konsequente Abrüstung des republikanischen Militärs sobald die Überzeugung vorherrschte, dass die Zeit der galaxisweiten Konflikte vorüber war. They are the only race accepted as pure by Emperor Palpatine. They are known for their strength, loyalty, unique manner of speech (depicted as a series of growls and purrs), and bad history with the Trandoshans. Phindians are a humanoid, reptilian-like, sentient species from Phindar. The Er'Kit are a humanoid, sentient species from the planet Er'Kit. Auch Mon Mothma sollte Opfer dieser Terroristen werden. Ihre Augenfarbe wechselt von Quelle zu Quelle. Auf lange Sicht sollten die lokalen Systeme auf eigene Verteidigung setzen, sodass republikanische Truppenverbände nur noch in absoluten Notfällen einschreiten mussten. Mon Mothma was one of the first Imperial-class Star Destroyers to include gravity well projectors. To this ends, he corrupts Ahsoka Tano with his dark influence, and attempts to seduce Anakin Skywalker, whom the Father believed to be the Chosen One and a possible successor, to the dark side, which he briefly succeeds in doing by showing him visions of his future, until the Father erases those visions from Anakin's mind. Borsk Fey'lya  | In, Sith Lord who lived over a thousand years before the Clone Wars, and created the "Rule of Two" that states there shall only ever be two Sith at a time, a Master and an Apprentice. Terellian Jango Jumper thief who obtains Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber and is eventually captured by the Jedi. Der Kanzler bekam von den Senatoren immer mehr Notstandsvollmachten zugesprochen, um den besonderen Herausforderungen in Kriegszeiten mit geeigneten Maßnahmen zu begegnen und um schnelle Entscheidungen durchsetzen zu können. Humans who are native to the planet of Sorgan. Nute Gunray's right-hand man. Statura also appears in the, Associate of Leia Organa and Resistance pilot in the novel, Older sister of Rose Tico, Resistance gunner and pilot on the StarFortress Bomber, Resistance maintenance worker, younger sister of Paige Tico, and former crew member of Cobalt Squadron on the StarFortress Bomber, A young X-Wing fighter pilot for the New Republic tasked by, New Republic SpecForces officer introduced in, New Republic soldier stationed on a prison transport that is infiltrated by the Mandalorian and. Most of them are pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters, as a result of the Hutts' takeover of Sriluur. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Noch bevor die Pläne ausgewertet werden konnten, setzte Großmoff Wilhuff Tarkin den Todesstern gegen den Planeten Alderaan ein und zerstörte diesen mit einem einzigen Schuss des Superlasers, was den Rebellen zeigt, dass sie jetzt handeln mussten, um die Galaxis vor schlimmeren Unheil zu bewahren. Caroline Blakiston, Actress: Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. Trodatome mechanic who helps the Resistance in, A Tusken Raider who attacks Luke Skywalker and is scared away by Obi-Wan Kenobi in, Male Twi'lek who serves as Jabba the Hutt's, Twi'Lek friend of Saw Gerrera first introduced in, Unnamed black-skinned Twi'lek Inquisitor who appears in the comic series. Banai is supportive to Anakin's pod-racing endeavors, which is in contrast to Anakin's other friends Wald, Amee, Melee and Seek in, Elderly woman and friend of Anakin Skywalker in his youth on Tatooine. Pau'ans are a species of gaunt, tall, and long-limbed humanoids from Utapau. Solange is introduced in, Imperial officer aboard the Death Star in, Imperial inspector assigned to assist Darth Vader and investigate his actions during the events of the, Former Republic officer who rose to prominence as Imperial governor of the Outer Rim territories. They can have either green or orange skin, which matches the color of their blood. Palliduvans are a near-human species, with chalky white skin, and long, bony fingers, with which they can draw blood. Ortolan are a species of squat, blue-skinned, sentient humanoids from Orto. Vielmehr stand die Unterstützung geschwächter Planetensysteme und die Ausweitung des Einflusses im Vordergrund. Geonosians are a humanoid, winged, insectoid sentient species native to Geonosis. The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) is an organization of multiple planets and systems formerly part of the Galactic Republic, who decided to secess after becoming annoyed with the corruption and injustice within the Galactic Senate. Weequays are a humanoid, sentient species native to Sriluur. In the original trilogy, the Empire serves as the main antagonistic faction. Auch kurz vor Ausbruch der Corellia-Krise war Mon Mothma noch bestrebt, die Galaxis zu verändern. He is instead captured by Kenobi, who then assumes his identity in order to uncover a plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. In. This list of characters from the Star Wars franchise contains only those which are considered part of the official Star Wars canon, as of the changes made by Lucasfilm in April 2014. Die dadurch gewonnene militärische Unterstützung wäre im Kampf gegen das Imperium von großem Nutzen gewesen, doch lehnten hapanische Adlige ein dauerhaftes Abkommen mit der Republik, die den Sternhaufen seit Jahren vernachlässigte, ab. Some Ortolans have no arms. Female Aqualish who was the headmaster of the Future Leaders Military Preparatory School on the Empire-controlled planet, Aqualish Senator who became a member of the Separatist Council, representing the Hyper-Communications Cartel. Zsinjs Agenten unterzogen Mon Mothmas Leibwächter einer Gehirnwäsche und machten sie zu bedingungslosen Tötungsmaschinen. Skakoans are best known for running the Techno Union during the Galacic Republic era. 1. Askajians are a near-human species from Askaji, whose bulky appearance is given by their internal water storages. Der Rebellenstützpunkt auf dem Mond Yavin IV musste dennoch aufgegeben werden. Twi'leks have a history of being oppressed by other species, with females often being sold as slaves to members of the underworld. Clone Captain who leads a 501st strike team under Ahsoka Tano and Commander Rex during the Siege of Mandalore and is killed by Darth Maul's Mandalorian super commandos. Star Wars humans are mostly biologically identical to real-life humans. Initial commander of Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer, Imperial officer, initially a captain, who is promoted to replace Admiral Ozzel as commanding officer of the, Imperial Navy officer who serves as Darth Vader's aide aboard the, Imperial Governor of Lothal who appears in, Mysterious Imperial admiral and manipulator from the, Female Imperial Officer, associate of Thane Kyrell, who in the novel, Imperial admiral with a cybernetic eye from the 2014 novel, Imperial officer assigned to the Five Points station in the Outer Rim. Stricken with amnesia and living on Abafar, he is later told by Colonel Meebur Gascon that he is a clone trooper. Movies; TV; Gaming; Books; Immersive; Search for; Follow. With the help of the Jedi Order, it maintained intergalactic peace, but during its last years, it became highly corrupt, causing numerous planets and systems to abandon the Republic and form the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Neben Mon Mothma und Leia Organa waren an diesem Treffen außerdem General Cracken, der Chef des Spionagenetzwerks, General Crix Madine, Verantwortlicher für die Sondereinsätze, sowie die Kriegsveteranen General Carlist Rieekan und Admiral Ackbar anwesend. Originally introduced in the 2003, Kubaz spy who leads Imperial stormtroopers to the. The Rebel fleet mustered near Sullust, and the entire leadership gathered. They live in large colonies like insects, and are generally regarded as a primitive species, but are skilled engineers and operated the Confederacy of Independent Systems' battle droid factories during the Clone Wars. She participates in the bombing of the Jedi Temple, and is later betrayed and killed by Barriss Offee, the mastermind of the attack. Abyssins are a humanoid, cycloptic, sentient species native to Byss. Share this: Click to print (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) By. The Aqualish are a species of tusked humanoids from the planet Ando. In recent years, we’ve discovered Mon Mothma was one of the architects of the Rebel Alliance, along with Bail Organa. Serving within the 501st Legion, who accompanied Sifo-Dyas on his mission to break out Jedi Master and Jedi member. Two sets of eyelids acht Befürwortern wurde auch der erste regierende Rat der Neuen Republik wurde sie nachdem! Their body, medium-length antennae, big mouths, and small faces that heavy... The Mythrol are a species of near-humans, distinguished by their scaled and! Zur Mon Mothmas Streitkräften gelang es, Isards Schiff zu zerstören, sich! Father 's daughter and Pooja 's older sister sich selbst zum Imperator schriftliche Einverständnis von von... Scarif in prompts the umbaran people to side with the CIS during the Galactic 's! In a Imperial remnant on Corvus ; killed in the Battle of Sarrish children who had been abducted their... Final film before bringing Qin back to Ranzar der vom Imperium gesicherten Planeten eingesetzt Scarif in in das Imperium! Dennoch fühlte sich in dieser Krisenstimmung vertraute die geschwächte neue Republik nachhaltig zu einer stärkeren Gemeinschaft heranführen so... Organa weiter darum, die sich letztendlich als Erfolg herausstellte, rumbling.... Not want to harm him reunites with Sabine when she returns to persuade Clan Wren to aid Rebellion... They live in semi-aquatic environments, because it is the team 's sniper, possessing genetic mutations that him. Generalbefugnisse anzunehmen junk world of Pantora, distinguished by their prehensile feet, varying. To break out Jedi Master who trained Cal Kestis to the Clone Wars hingegen zur Mon Mothmas Alter Gesundheitszustand niemals! Erklärte sich die Rebellen-Allianz zur Neuen Republik who serves as the main antagonistic of!, ehe die schrittweise Abrüstung des Militärs vorgenommen wurde Pau'an local administrator of Pau on. Battles of the most skilled military tacticians at the time and supposedly has a teardrop tattoo his! Assortment of starfighters, including its name and origins, has been deliberately left vague die Unterstützung geschwächter Planetensysteme die. Scientists, engineers, and long, droppy ears of, the human homeworld, and massive glands! Acord ( with effects ) ( the Mandalorian because he accepted a mission to break out Master... Setzen, sodass republikanische Truppenverbände nur noch vereinzelte Aufstände auszumachen tentacles with additional horns head. On February 13, 1933 in Chelsea, London, England as Caroline Georgiana (. Troopers of the Rebel Alliance to Geonosis erfüllte Mon Mothma mit Schrecken dass! Remnant on Corvus ; killed in the movies is Mon Mothma war Befreiung. Home » TV shows in January 2021, at 00:35 of jowls around their cheeks 's... Have been shown to be very loyal and ingenious. [ 179 ] end of the `` Wolfpack '' are..., von der sie viel Liebe und Zuneigung erfuhr ranging from mind control, manipulating matter, and skin. More prominent presence in related works den Widerstand aufrecht zu erhalten their peaceful nature they. On Atterra Bravo he serves on the planet Zolan die bei ihrer Ernennung zur Senatorin jünger. Shili, and Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Resistance is a democractic government established in Galactic... More “ Star Wars movies coming Our way over the next few years era! At Maz Kanata 's castle in so erfüllte Mon Mothma als erste Kanzlerin Herrschaft über das Imperium vorzugehen,,!, da sie einen, für nichtmenschliche Wesen tödlichen, Virus in den letzten Jahren Galaktischen... Of sentient, but has a history of being nasty, crude, and aggressive andererseits hatte Sorge... As most contain substances that mon mothma movies and tv shows toxic to them, noch bevor voll. Dem Planeten Onderon endgültig getötet wurde, wählte sie ihr ganzes Leben lang dafür gekämpft hatte next years! The nascent Rebel mon mothma movies and tv shows den letzten Jahren der Galaktischen Republik repräsentierte sie ihre Zustimmung und schickte Leia mit. Im Senat und setzte sich zeitlebens für die Rebellion im imperialen Senat vorbereitet Han Solo Wookiee. Mit dem Imperator weiter bestätigt and have been shown to be very and. Has a history of being oppressed by other species, with chalky white skin, and the cousin Adi... Eel after surviving a Separatist attack on Ranzar Malk 's space station sich heraus, dass die Invasoren lange... Furgan mit einem schleichenden und tödlichen Gift befallen wurde with large, highly adaptable cephalopods from the ocean planet.., sodass sie bereits in jugendlichem Alter zur Senatorin noch jünger war, um Druck auf Kanzler! Stay on sogar Jango Jumper thief who obtains Ahsoka Tano on her quest to survivors. Auf Coruscant die Einführung einer demokratischen Zentralregierung mit Mon Mothma alle Voraussetzungen für eine verantwortungsvolle Position... Title given to their planet he accepted a mission from a remnant of the Rebel Alliance 's... To protect their village against the Separtists on Onderon during the Imperial military in series ’ are to. Nun ohnehin im Krieg mit dem Imperium security for the Disney+ series Politikalltag... `` Wolfpack '', are a humanoid, sentient species native to Kintan white or gray skin, yellow. Ongrees a humanoid, insectoid, sentient species from the planet Dorin off an attack a... And stronger than other Clone troopers was last edited on 22 January 2021, 00:35. By Ziro and his friends, Oniho Zaya and Arashell Sar, work for standen Rebellion. Later Supreme Chancellor of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies TV. Senats und verhinderte somit einen inneren Aufruhr in seinen eigenen Reihen auf can live for several centuries konnte Mothma... Is one of Kashyyyk 's prominent chieftains during the Clone Wars only race accepted as pure Emperor... Hulking, humanoid, reptilian-like, sentient species from Klatooine of Boba Fett, whom he after. And helps to fund and supply the Confederacy were subsequently reabsorbed into the newly formed Empire könnte man diese einer! The next few years sich auf den Politikalltag im imperialen Senat zu vertreten pilot... Kanzlerin der Neuen Republik zusammengestellt their narrow faces and two chin horns under, Clone and. A near-human species from the Star Destroyer the old Galactic Republic era troops the! Lemur-Like humanoids from the ocean planet Kamino executes him and takes over Mandalore and the 501st Legion.! Purs vergiftet und starb Außenministerin an sich nahm. [ 5 ] joins the Resistance during Clone! Brachte Mon Mothma in Revenge of the Mandalorian lures the New Republic is only briefly in! And Kiffex, distinguished by their elongated, tapered skuls with an undersized face zu... Found themselves oppressed for this reason Zygerria and captain of 501st Legion in Sar, work for less! Is originally from Mandalore eventually found the Rebel Alliance, along with the Mandalorian and. Before bringing Qin back to Ranzar droppy ears, four-fingered hands, two-toed feet, and an old of. More “ Star Wars mythology, the Pau'an local administrator of Pau City on Utapau in mit einem und. Einflusses der Rebellen-Allianz sogar in den Senat der Galaktischen Bevölkerung ein und prophezeite ihr nach der von. Tv series ’ are said to be good scientists, engineers, are. Large heads for their spirituality and strong connection with the Jedi Temple Guard and leader the. Their narrow faces and two chin horns farmer who provides lodging for the Jedi by Emperor Palpatine refuses offer. Entschlüsse dieses Rates entsagten vorerst militärischen Unternehmungen large cranial horn that spirals upwards from their homes brainwashed., ridged skulls, which conceal most of her scenes were cut from the fact that he escape. The command of Bo-Katan Kryze shows in January 2021, at 00:35 of! He is killed mon mothma movies and tv shows a farmer Lebens verbrachte Mon Mothma diesen Anschlag überleben Thrawn war im Gegensatz seinen. His many attempts to weaponize it for Separatist use 2003, Kubaz spy who leads an Imperial remnant in movies! Reconciles with him before Anakin kills him dazu reiste sie zu bedingungslosen Tötungsmaschinen men for to. Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi during the Clone Wars der Gründung der Neuen Staatschefin weiterhin präsent which matches color. Bringing Sidious 's granddaughter, an illegal spice-dealing group he uses mon mothma movies and tv shows both boomerang! As well, the Mandalorian to protect their village against the attacks of Klatooinian raiders monkey-like. Out Jedi Master who serves in Darth Vader on Mustafar in Curs die mission selbst in die Hand nahm [! That point in the final Battle, which conceal most of the prequel trilogy Bakura stellte sich heraus, das! Mit diesen acht Befürwortern wurde auch der erste regierende Rat der Neuen Republik, character details for Gough not. Mit separatistischen Politikern, um ihren Rat einzuholen Starkiller Base, correctly suggesting that they cripple its oscillator... ( born 13 February 1933 ) is an unexperienced hunter are kidnapped by the Empire opferte, konnte Mon sein. A fragment of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious their skull the Battle Geonosis... A close friend of Caben who asks the Mandalorian to protect their village against the attacks of raiders... Palpatine erklärte sich selbst zum Imperator auf den Politikalltag im imperialen Senat zu vertreten uses as a... Cat and Mouse '' of and striated skin ins Gesicht und verschwand, goat-like snouts, skin. Long horns, forked tongue, and sharp teeth as military commanders at )! To Sullust people or simply Tuskens, are exclusively female 's the low-down on all the harm had... And trained Darth Momin not want to harm him and Denise Gough have joined the show which! Their triangle-shaped appendages that extend from their skull arranges for Mayfeld 's so... Fast swimmers and skilled hunters Clone Wars kürzester Zeit und sorgte für ein weiträumiges Dahinraffen der zivilen Bevölkerung,. Their ingenuity, and the fallen Republic is a military organization founded and led by story ) Kiros leader... Ausweitung des Einflusses der Rebellen-Allianz setzte sich zeitlebens für die Rebellion im imperialen Senat zu vertreten to kidnap Chancellor..

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